Fellow Lions, I ask that your club Board of Directors consider supporting the District project adopted by the Cabinet and as DG Dottie’s priority (pet) project. You will recall that the project is to provide $30K to the Blood Bank of Alaska to refurbish its older Blood Mobile vehicle which needs mechanical repairs and upgrading of its blood collection equipment .to current standards. The Blood Bank in return is to do the following for the Lions: 1).add Lions logo to BOTH SIDES of current vehicle which is about 2 years old, 2)add Lions logos to new vehicle to be purchased and placed in service in the next 2-3 years, 3). Include Lions as long-term partners in their fund raising program to build a new $50 Million Blood Bank facility in the upcoming 2-3 year time frame.

The need for a viable life nurturing source of clean purified blood for the Alaskan citizenry is certainly a cause that the Lions can proudly be associated with now and in the future. It will be great to see that Lions logo on the 3 Blood Mobile vehicles traversing Alaska collecting blood. I hope to raise the first half of this commitment ($15K) by convention time in Valdez. We have established a line item in the District Foundation account to collect the funds, or you can bring your funds to the Parade of Checks at Valdez. Your consideration and support of this project will be greatly appreciated.

Finis J. Shelden