I’m still in a daze from the MD 49 2012 convention. Lion of the Year for district 49A. Wow, that certainly wasn’t expected. It is truely a humbling experience when I saw my name name next to the names of Lions that not only are deeply respected within the district but many of which are the Lions that I look to for guidance, and insight, my role models. Granted there are many names there that I only know in passing, and some I don’t know at all, but the ones that I do recognize on this trophy have my deepest respect and admiration, and frankly, I still don’t feel worthy to be counted in such highly esteemed company.

As such, I’ve created a page to keep a record of the current and past Lions of the Year for District 49A which can be accessed through the Documents page or by going directly to this Link: http://49a-lions.org/Documents/Records/LionOfTheYear.php

Moving forward with the website and District 49A Informaiton Technology in General. I have so many things that I have on my to-do list, and precious little time to work on it. Between My work projects, my club projects, and my family, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. some things I have on my back burner include: Changing the layout of the Bullitin Board Forums (The Lion’s Den) to dynamically mirror the layout of the remainder o fthe website. Using the Bullitin Board Forums (The Lion’s Den) to create a quick and easy way for the District Officers to Update/Modify entries to the Home Page and the Calendar page. Change the Calendar page layout so that it has Optionally either a list feel or more of a weekly or monthly calendar feel. create a Memorial Page for Lions who have Passed. Create a Frequently Asked Questions Page. Create some district wide Informaiton Technology support by leveraging other Informaiton Technology savvy Lions and Leos to assist with this internal support endeavor.

Gregory Nelson
District Webmaster 49A