This report covers all “Anchorage Lions Club” activities our club has undertaken
this Lions Year.
1). We have collected 70 pairs of glasses which we presented to the 49A
Joint Sight Committee.
2). We dropped three members for nonattendance and nonpayment of
3). We added one new member by transfer.
4). On June 27th we assisted the Covenant House conduct the “Don Fridley” annual golf tournament which raised money for the Covenant House. Thirteen members of our Club volunteered a total of 48 Lion Member hours on this activity.
5). On July 19th our club provided an aid station for the “Fireweed Four Hundred” bicycle race. We volunteered in excess of 190 volunteer hours in this activity by eleven volunteers.
6). We assist the Latinos Lions Club in their food distribution financially and we provide volunteers to distribute the food. To date we have provided 52 volunteer hours in this activity to date
7). We provide cleanup of Fifteenth Avenue from A street to Orca. To date we have expended 38 hours in this activity.
8). We have two members serving on the Joint Sight Committee. To date they have provided 8 volunteer hours in this activity.
Anchorage Lions Secretary, Bill Elam