• APLC added 1 member in June 2014 for total of 24 members.
July 2014, 28, 2014
o APLC donate 30+ hours of community volunteer services to assist on setting up and tearing down for the Polynesian Culture Flag Day a Community Event. About 1500 to 1700 people attend the event. We want to thank the Eagle River Lions (Lion Finis) for donating the Eye Screening Trailer and also thanks to the Lion members that volunteer to provide this service. Also thanks to Mabuhay Lions Club for providing culture entertainments to the event as well and DG Lewis and First Lady for attending the event.
June 13, 2014
o APLC celebrate the 1 year anniversary since the Club became a charter.  We want to thank the Lions (DG Lewis & First Lady & Lion Frank from Mabuhay Lions club) for attending and for supporting by being there to celebrate our first year.
• June 7, 2014
o APLC provide hours of volunteer services to help clean up the Didlicka Community Park in Turnagain.
• May 9, 2014
o APLC provide hours of volunteer services to help Mt. View Lions Park with Mt. View Lions club, and the Hmong Lions club. We want to thank the Mt. View Lions Parks for allowing us to use the Lions Den.
• May 3, 2014
o APLC celebrate Asian Pacific Islander Month, by providing a community clean up for the
Mt. View Community.
• April 2014
o APLC provided entertainment for the Ice breaker at the Lions Convention.
Thank you Lions for all your commitments to your community.