Good day from the Girdwood Turnagain Arm Lions Club (GTALC). For living in a rainforest we sure have been spoiled by all of this sunshine.

Since our last report in April our club continues to impress. On May 22nd we fed nearly 400 students, families, and friends at the Girdwood School end of the year BBQ. We had 4 grills and 12 servers going full speed until we were finished and ran out of food.

Our club has gathered twice this summer for clean-up of the Alyeska Highway. We hauled away many bags from break-up and after the 4th of July/Forest Fair weekend. The whole town looks better when our roadway is clean and clear.

In July, our club decorated a truck to look like a float with Lions fashion to join in the annual 4th of July/ Forest Fair Parade. The Lions and Cubs enjoyed tossing candy to the hundreds of kids that lined the Alyeska Highway for the parade. To wrap up July, this last Thursday the International Campers met us at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center. The weather was spectacular and the wildlife amazing. The 3 brown bears and 2 black bears were especially animated. We enjoyed the show from the newer boardwalk that looks down and across at the bears for a unique viewpoint. After the walking tour, the club fed the campers to a graciously donated moose burger and red salmon bbq. The lunch included all of the foods that make a picnic special. We then met the campers at the Alyeska Resort for a hike. Half the group took the North Face Trail with a bonus tram ride down. The other half, took the Winner Creek Trail to the Hand Tram with a river crossing. When we reconvened the campers looked happy and tired. GTALC then took the campers to pizza at The Bake Shop.

In August, GTALC is presenting our biggest fundraiser of the year. The Humpy Fest is on August 23 here in Girdwood. Activities include the Rubber Ducky Race, Fish Derby, and the Flying Fish Toss. Our club really enjoys putting together this annual event. Tickets are on sale now for the two events and we appreciate all who donate time, prizes, and money to keep up the spirit of giving in the Turnagain Arm area.

Respectfully submitted,
John “Patrick” Scardina, President GTALC