• Currently 25 paid members including the 5 members of the Branch of our club on Prince
of Whales Island. Check was mailed to International on 7/25/14.

Vision Screening and Health Fairs
• No vision screenings or health fairs this reporting period.

Volunteer Activities
• Raised $2,000 manning the Bar Harbor weigh in station for the Ketchikan CHARR King
Salmon Derby for three weekends in late May and early June. These funds will be used
to support our eyeglass financial assistance program.
• Provided eye exam and eyeglass financial assistance to three individuals.
• Raised $12,000 to fund purchase of the fireworks for the 4th of July fireworks show.
Club members and other volunteers also prepared and launched all of the fireworks for
the show. (See attached newspaper articles.)
• Sponsored 4th of July Queen Contest which also raised funds for the 4th of July ireworks.
Also sponsored float in the 4th of July parade which carried the Queen and her court.
• Sponsored 4th of July kiddie parade prior to start of main parade.
• Awarded $500 scholarships to two graduating Ketchikan High School seniors. One will
be attending vocational school (welding) and one will be attending college (nursing).

Steve Corporon, President
Ketchikan Lions Club