By Lion Nancy Norton
Yesterday the two Juneau clubs had their annual Recycle for Sight Drive at the Nugget Mall.  It started out a little slow but in the end worked out.
At present, the Joint Sight Conservation Committee (aka Joint Sight Committee) has eyeglass recycle boxes in all the eye care facilities in Juneau.  Used eyeglasses are collected all year long.  The problem…. most people don’t know this…. and we haven’t figured out why.  We collect quite a few glasses from these eye care facilities every year (around 2,000), but when you’re telling this to inquiring minds, they simply aren’t aware these recycle boxes exist.

A huge thanks to Lions Ted Burke, Tim Wilson, and Lion President Sasha Soboleff from the Juneau Club for hanging out yesterday.  And Lions Soapy Lingle, Neil Atkinson, and President Mike Norton for supporting the effort from the Mendenhall Flying Lions Club. Oh, and that’s Leo the Lion from the Juneau Club–she came to support our efforts!  (A big thanks to Lion Tim’s daughters!)

It often takes a village…. or a community…. to get things done.  In this case, our joint efforts collected 192 pair of glasses that we may otherwise have not received.

I read an article from the Aurora Borealis Recycling Center that said they collect about 40,000 glasses each year and re-distribute about 30,000.  Where there’s a need, there’s a Lion or two or three helping to get the job done!