by Nancy Norton
There’s no doubt that Lions have a passion for many things.  One of them being vision screening.  Not just any vision screening, but for children.  Most adults know they have vision problems or already wear corrective lenses.  But too often children aren’t aware that what they’re seeing, or not seeing, isn’t normal.  Especially in younger children.

Our club participates in all health fairs in town but it isn’t always easy getting a parent to stop by our booth, even when invited.  We have to ask ourselves why…. ?  And how can we improve this?  How do we share the value of our screening?

Now, screening preschools and kindergarten children is different although we still have some schools in Juneau that refuse to let us in.  Again, why is this?

As frustrating as this can be at times, all it takes is one testimonial to give you that oomph that you need to keep on trekking!  We received this testimonial last week from a mom who’s pre-school son got screened by our club:

If you need a parent testimonial, feel free to use us!  The Lion’s Club recommended Craig for further testing last year based on his results and wow, were we ever surprised to find out that Craig was over compensating with his right eye.  At his eye exam if we covered up his right eye, he claimed that he couldn’t see anything!  He got glasses last spring and at his three-month check-up in July, the eye doctor was ecstatic at the improvement in his left eye.  She said we were lucky to catch it at such a young age.  So, a big thanks to the Lion’s Club and VBA for hosting them!  Jennifer Thorsteinson 

It doesn’t take much to make us happy!  To keep the light on.  To keep us motivated.  For every “one” child we find … for every parent that finds value in what we do … and for the follow up to an eye professional … it makes it all worthwhile.

For more information, we can be reached at or 907-957-1697.