By Lion Nancy Norton
Last August 2013, our club came up with a new project idea…. to provide a backpack to every child who entered into the foster care program.  We asked the community for donations that would help provide a little comfort during this first 24 hours (a blankie, stuffed animal, coloring book) and a few items of necessity (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap).  The support was overwhelming.
This year our wish list of items needed was different.  We asked for infant items, winter hats and gloves, and Christmas toys.

We just completed our second community drive and, once again, Juneau came through for us.
I have to wonder how many of the men, women, and children that come to us, so appreciative of what we’re doing, have first-hand experience with the foster program…. Maybe they were once a foster child…. or they fostered children….  Maybe the child that so proudly hands over a bag of donations is now in the foster care program, wanting to give back.  Maybe they’re just ordinary people doing extraordinary things…. caring for another human being, paying it forward.

We didn’t receive an overwhelming amount like we did last year, but that’s okay.  What we received was just right.  We received a respectable amount of donations, and enough to support the Office of Children Services Foster Care Program for the next year.

The saying, “it takes a village” is true.  We couldn’t do this program without the generosity and support of our family, neighbors, and friends so to them, a huge thank you!

We Serve!  
Lion Nancy