Saturday was a busy day for the Mendenhall Flying Lions but we divided and conquered and accomplished what needed to be done.
Some of us participated in the Food Drive to benefit Hoonah and others participated in the Office of Children Services Gift Giving event.  This event gave all children in the foster care program an opportunity to make a gift for those who are special to them.
We learned that often times the foster parents don’t take the children shopping nor do they have money to spend.  So this was a great opportunity for the children.
Lion Donna Hurley and myself volunteered for this event.  Lion Donna helped the kids wrap their coveted gifts and I provided the cookies and goodies for them to nibble on throughout the day but to also give as gifts.
It was a fun day.  We were able to get a little glimpse of yet more of this agency and what they do and what the children go through.  I feel like our efforts with the Lions Pack and helping at events throughout the year IS making a difference.  And I think OCS would agree.
But we’re not going to stop here!  Where there’s a need, there’s got to be a way to help these children. They are our future.  They need our help, too.

We Serve!
Lion Nancy