Our Leo’s have made quite an impact this holiday season. Together, during our
annual team up with the Salvation Army, the Leo’s collected over $1400 on
Christmas Eve during the Holiday Bell Ringing! The participating Leo’s ranged from
ones whom attend every meeting and fundraiser to ones that help a few times out of
the year, proving attendance doesn’t always matter: once a Leo, always a Leo. Our
club is donating to the Woody Way Family center, promoting a “Kid of the Month”
by buying gift cards rewarding the winner of that month. We plan to strengthen our
relationship with Kodiak’s youth and to hopefully exhibit the Leo’s actions as a
youth volunteer club. We are also excited for this year’s MultiDistrict convention and
plan to fundraise to take as many members as possible. Kodiak Leo’s are also very
pleased to announce that three of our members, Josh Morin, Shawna Lechner, and I
were selected to attend this year’s International Convention in Hawaii. We are very
grateful for all of the donations and support from our promoting Lions. I know that
we will work tremendously to make you proud.
Yours Truly,
Leo Taylor Ross