Our Sight Committee is up and running. We’ve developed our application and have contacted eye doctor’s in our area. The response has been very good with a number of doctor’s offering us free and/or reduced price eye exams and eyeglasses. We’ve been talking to a local car dealership in hopes that they will consider fully funding this project.

Had our first-ever Peace Poster Contest winner. She was awarded a check for $50 at the Wasilla Chamber of Commerce meeting in December. Hoping this project grows next year.

Our IRS Tax Status as been awarded. We are now officially a 501c3 organization. We’re hoping to acquire a grant for vision screening equipment and also be able to step up our fund raising activities.

Vision Screening at our local schools is continuing. We were at 16 different school locations this year. Has lots of equipment problems and snow days this year. We plan to be complete by the end of February.

Plans are in the infant stage for our 5 year anniversary “Really Big Project”. We hope to be able to make a $2500 donation to the PET project organization to build a home in Central America. We are sitting aside some of the profits from each of our major fund raisers to accomplish this.

Leos Club of Wasilla is established. DG Cindy will be doing the induction ceremony at our meeting on Feb 3. The group raised money to donate to My House, the homeless youth connection in Wasilla.

We’ve had a bit of a rough spot. Our treasurer PDG Dick Webb has been in the hospital for several months. At first we hoped it would be a short stay but as the reality of his long-term recovery hit home, we went ahead and appointed a new treasurer, Luetta Robinson. We’d like to thank Lion Karen Hupperten for her continued patience with our bill paying. Hopefully everything should be smooth sailing from here on.

Pix with Santa continues to be a well-received project. This year our Santa (Lion Truman Beer) was featured in the local newspaper. Pix with Easter Bunny is also in the works.
Bell ringing for the Salvation Army was lots of fun. We’re planning to cover two days this year.

We’re all excited about the 100th anniversary celebration. We were very pleased to find out that our club is currently meeting the criteria for the Centennial Service Challenge.
We’re beginning work on our Spring Equinox Dance and April spaghetti Dinner fund raisers.

We continue with our on-going eyeglass recycling and inkjet cartridge recycling projects.

Submitted January 22, 2015
Joan Taylor, Secretary