The Willow lions club continues to be in good standing with LCI and Dist. 49A
Our membership is currently 23 members.

The Willow lions club projects are as follows:

  1. Family skate night at the Willow elementary school. This nonprofit program requires parental participation in a family cost free night of roller skating once a month during the school year. We typically have around 50 children skating.
  2. We also sponsor our 5th/6th grade class trip to Denali Park with a raffle. This fund raiser just started, and the kids are in full force selling tickets.
  3. We have also completed a raffle partnership with a dance troop for 8-10 year olds to raise funds to attend a state competition.
  4.  Our medical loan closet is doing well providing wheel chairs, walkers, shower
    chairs,etc. at no cost to people in need of such items.
  5. We have sponsored the Willow elementary Geography Bee for the 10th year now
    providing money for prizes and with transportation costs to the state Geo Bee for the winner and their family.
  6. We are as we speak working with the Blood Bank Of Alaska at the Willow State
    Carnival. We typically have around 25 donors, of which 20 units are ussually usable, saving up to 60 lives.
  7. As do most of your clubs we provided gifts for less fortunate children in the community. This giving tree project served over 170 families this year.
  8. We held our annual pig raffle right before Christmas which was a good success.
  9. We also funded 8 college scholarships for kids in the community.
  10. We have partnered with the local food bank and recycling group helping them in their programs.
  11. We currently have our pull tabs in 2 different establishments.
  12. We chaired the Community holiday dinner for the first time in which we set up and prepared a thanksgiving feast for over 250 people.
  13. Lastly we have donated money to Blood Bank, Diabetes, Campabilities, Leader Dog, and Alaska Center for the Blind.

We have had a great year and hope all of you have as well.

Allen Morgan Club President