• 25 current members including the 7 members of the Branch of our club on Prince of Whales Island. Inducted 2 new Ketchikan members and 2 new POW members in December but removed 4 members who did not renew this past year. The check for member dues was mailed to LCI on January 24.


  • Administrative Account: $2,570.50
  • Activities Account: $840.22
  • Gaming Account: $1,678.76
  • July 4th Committee Account: $8,994.62

Vision Screening and Health Fairs

  • No vision screenings or health fairs this reporting period.

Volunteer Activities

  • Provided eye exam and eyeglass financial assistance to two individuals.
  • Collected approximately 200 more pairs of used eyeglasses so have approximately 1,200 pairs prepared to ship.
  • Began collecting small rolling suitcases, quilts, and basic hygiene supplies, etc. for a new program in support of foster kids in Ketchikan. It is modeled after a program run by the Mendenhall Flying Lions in Juneau.

The President, Vice President (also Membership Chair), Secretary and Treasurer all have work commitments and request to be excused from attending the 3rd Cabinet meeting on January 31, 2015.
Steve Corporon, President
Ketchikan Lions Club