Our eye screening volunteer list has dwindled this year. We do still need people at the October as well as the November events. Esther is now setting dates for December and January. She tries to set the screenings for just the mornings on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday but many volunteers are needed to make that happen. The last 3 events have been handled by Esther and one other helper. When there are large numbers of screenings Esther tries to schedule as many as 5 devices to be used but that means 5 screeners plus at least 3 or more helpers working.

Esther says, “Right now I have only definite 2 volunteers scheduled and 2 more maybes. I never turn away volunteers. I can use as many as want to show up.”

The names on the list are school names in the Anchorage School District. The address and driving directions are at the ASD website. http://www.asdk12.org/aboutschools/elementary/

Esther will continue to send updates and changes to the schedules. Email or phone responses are appreciated.

This upcoming week, we have 100 to screen at Spring Hill Elementary (down from estimated 250) at 9911 Lake Otis Pkwy, 60 at Abbott Loop Elementary at 8427 Lake Otis Pkwy and 400 at Chinook Elementary 3101 W 88th Ave. Lion Darnell from Spenard and I can handle Monday and Tuesday alone if we absolutely have to but we desperately need help for Thursday. All three events start as soon as the 9AM announcements are done at the schools.

Please consider being part of the great program. This is what Lions do. Here are the schedules for October 2015 and November 2015.

PDG Esther
District 49A Sight/Vision Chair
Cell. (907) 223-0385

“Together We Will”