Homelessness is an issue everywhere, even here in Juneau.   It might even affect someone you know.  Maybe he/she is a friend of a friend who recently lost their job and couldn’t afford rent.  Maybe your neighbor’s teenage son ran away and found his safe haven under the bridge.  The bottom line is a homeless person is still a member of our community and deserves our compassion.
The Juneau Coalition on Housing and Homelessness recently asked for the community’s help in identifying our town’s homeless citizens who are in most need.  Two of our members, Lions Hari Dev and Mukhya Khalsa stepped up to help the Juneau Coalition with their annual vulnerability survey..

To find homeless citizens to take this survey, they have to walk into the darkest areas of our town, going places you and I probably wouldn’t.

Lion Mukhya says, “It was one day of training, and two days of starting at 4:30 am to begin the surveying.  It is done early, because it is easier to tell who is homeless if they are actually sleeping outside.”
The picture above shows Lion Hari Dev going under the Douglas Bridge. Lion Hari Dev says, “Mukhya and I were in one of the downtown groups. I am going under the Douglas Bridge. We have already checked the Gold Creek Bridge. Our group only found 3 homeless people in our area, but we found 6 downtown camp sites in our small area.”
We Serve!
Lion Nancy Norton