In 1917 Lions International was founded. In 1925 Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan were honored as he first and second lady of Lionism. In 1975 The Lioness Program began, then in 1987 Women were approved for Lions membership. LCI (Lions Club International) was the first service club organization.
In 2003 the women’s in initiative began. Women made up 14% of membership and 1% of District Governors. Worldwide women’s workshop took place. They adopted the following:
• Adopted gender neutral language;
• Introduced the women’s (later to included family, membership developed and created chairperson positions).
As of July 2011 chairperson are called specialist and work under the GMT district coordinator.
In 2007 initiation of dues made concession for family units.
In 2010 Lions Family club was developed to encourage families to volunteer together.
The Club Program gives children the opportunity to guild a lifelong dedication to helping those in need.
Clubs are divided into three age categories
• Level I under 3
• Level 2 Age 4-7
• Level 3 Age 8-12
2010-2011 Regional Women’s Workshops took place to gain regional ideas for growing women.
Europe May 2010
Japan November 2010
Latin America January 2011
Australia September 2011
2011-2012 Past International Director President Tam developed the Women’s & Family Membership Development Force
2012-2013 International President Madden continued the task force
1925 – Helen Keller challenged Lions to become Knights of the Blind in crusade against darkness at the International Convention in Cedar Point, Ohio.
July 4. 1987 the first female became a lion
1991-1992: Term of first female district governor, Louise Colombani, District 103C, France
1999-2001: Term of first female international director, Nilofar Bakhtiar, Pakistan
25% – Percentage of women in Lions worldwide as of March 31, 2013
I hope this encourages you and your family to join your local lions club.
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