Wasilla and Girdwood Lions Feature PET Mobility carts in Alaska Parades


Members of the Leos Club sponsored by the Wasilla Lions were the PET drivers that presented the PET carts in the annual Wasilla 4th of July parade.

The Leos youth group sponsored by the Wasilla Lions drove one adult and two child-size PET carts in the community Fourth of July parade. 2016 is the fourth year that this active Lions Club has featured the PET cart as part of their parade presence.

The Wasilla Lions are quite active in this growing community and support a variety of programs that benefit seniors, veterans, homeless teens and families and the local food bank. In addition, the club provides an annual college scholarship for an area high school student and coordinates vision screening for 26 schools in the Matanuska Valley.

Marie A. Daniels, McDaniels Mauk, Past President of the club states “We are very proud to support the  PET Mobility cart as one of our international projects. We join with Lions around the world in their support of this outstanding humanitarian project that brings mobility dignity and a change for a  better future for the disabled poor of the word.”

PET is an acronym for Personal Energy Transportation. This sturdy hand-cranked cart is built by  a corps of volunteers – mostly seniors – in 24 shops in the USA and in Zambia. Founded in 1994,  PET International has delivered 58,000 carts to children and adults who lack mobility due to polio,  landmine injury, war amputation and birth defects  The carts are free to those in need and have  now been placed in 103 countries. Since 2009 Alaskan volunteers including Lions, Rotarians  and church/community members have had the great joy of personally delivering PETs in Sri Lanka, Kenya, S. Sudan, Cameroon, Honduras and Guatemala.

The Girdwood Turnagain Arm Lions also included a PET as part of their presence in the annual Forest Fair Parade on July 2, 2016.

The child’s PET was driven in the Girdwood Lions Forest Fair Parade.

A child’s PET was part of the Girdwood Lions Forest Fair Parade.The Forest Fair is an annual Girdwood event.

The adult PET cart can move at the speed of a brisk walk (3 miles per hour) and carry 300 pounds. To learn more about PET and see videos and stories of those served go to: www.petinternational.org