By: Lion Karen Burns, District Governor

A little trivia for you this week.  What does L.I.O.N.S. mean?  Most would think that it is means just what it says Lions is that service group you see in the yellow vest or in purple.   It is not.  It stands for: Liberty Integrity Opportunity Nation Service.

Being the leader this year is a privilege and honor during our centennial year of celebrating Lions.  We are all volunteers.  We are the four Ps:  Passion, Purpose, Partners and People.

Passion is what shapes your purpose in what you and your club do. When the idea for a venture, or a cause starts taking shape, purpose is what ultimately helps define it.  But more importantly, that same share purpose is what brings together your club and the community of people (both lions and non-lions) who believe in your cause and in what you are trying to build.  That shared passion, that shared belief, is what motivates people, gives them the sense of belonging, and excites them about accomplishing the same mission and being a part of your purpose.

Innovation comes from people working together, challenging each other and supporting each other…not just sometimes but all the time.  Your success, our club’s success, and the District’s success all depends on passionate people with a purpose.  It all comes back to the team and teamwork…if you don’t have a team of people who share your visions, your dreams, or your goals you will not be able to reach your full potential.  You can have the most awesome vision, dream, and goal in the world but it requires PEOPLE to make it a reality.

Once you have the passionate people with a purpose supporting your goals one more “P” really happens…that’s partners.  Quite often success depends on partners who also share your visions, dreams, and goals.   It is okay to partner with other Lions clubs, other service organizations, and even the government.  Thinking outside the proverbial box to achieve results with your PARTNERS.

You need those people who have that Passion, Purpose, People and Partners mentality.  Please call me and join one of our local clubs to volunteer your time.  It does not have to be much but a few hours a month.  You will help someone’s day be better and you will feel better for helping.

Check Lions out at www.lionsclubs.org, www.sleepingladylions.org, www.eagleriverlions.com or Chugiak Lions.  Or contact Karen.

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