Welcome to Alaska! We hope you will visit our Clubs.
Here are some meeting times and locations. We look forward to meeting you.

Club Meetings by Day of Week

1st Hmong, 2nd & 4thAnchorage Captain Cook – 3rdAnchorage Performing Arts Leos – 2nd & 4thKetchikan Lions – 2ndEagle River Lions – 1st & 3rdAnchorage Lions
Anchorage 1st Hmong Leos – 2ndAnchorage Latino – 3rdBenton Bay - 1st & ThirdMuldoon – 1st & 3rdBethel Lions – 1st & 3rd
Chugiak Lions 2nd & 4thAnchorage Sports Car – 2ndAnchorage Polynesian – 3rdGirdwood Turnagin Arm – 1st & 3rd
Eagle River Sleeping Lady – 1st & 3rdAnchorage Mabuhay – 2nd & 4thAnchorage Racing – 2ndMt. McKinley – 1st & 3rd
Juneau Lions 1st & 3rdBig Lake Aurora – 2ndJuneau Mendenhall Flying – 1st & 3rdAlaska State Sno-X – 2nd
Palmer Lions – 3rd, 4th, 5thKachemak Bay – 1st & 3rdBallyhoo 1st & 3rd
Wasilla Lions 1st & 3rdKenai Peninsula Racing Lions – 4thBig Lake 2nd, 3rd & 4th
Ketchikan Lions – 2ndHouston Lions – 3rd
Kodiak LionsKenai Lions – 2nd & 4th
Seward Resurrection Bay – 1st & 3rdMountain View Lions – except 2nd
Spenard LionsSoldotna Lions – 2nd & 4th
Willow Lions – 2nd & 4th

Alaska Lions Clubs with Links

Lions ClubLinksLeos or AuxilaryLinks
Alaska State Sno-X Lions
Anchorage 1st Hmong Lions Anchorage 1st Hmong Leos
Anchorage Captain Cook Lions
Anchorage Latino Lions
Anchorage Lions Club googlemaps
Anchorage Muldoon Lionsworld facebookAnchorage Performing Arts Leos
Anchorage Mabuhay Lions Club
Anchorage Polynesian Lionsworld
Anchorage Racing Lionsworld
Anchorage Sports Car Lions Clubworld googlemaps facebook twitter email
Ballyhoo Lions
Bethel Lionsworld
Bethel Winter Lions
Benton Bay Athletic Lionsworld googlemaps facebook blogger
Big Lake Aurora Lions
Big Lake Lionsgooglemaps
Chugiak Lions
Copper River Basin Lions
Eagle River Lions ClubfacebookEagle River Bear Mountain Leos
Eagle River Sleeping Lady Mtn. Lions
Girdwood Turnagin Arm Lionsworld
Houston Lions
Juneau Lionsworld facebook
Juneau Mendenhall Flying Lionsworld facebook blogger email
Kachemak Bay Lionsworld
Kenai Lionsfacebook
Kenai Peninsula Racing Lions Circle Trackworld facebook
Kenai Motocross Lionsworld facebook
Ketchikan Lions ClubemailBranch Club – Prince of Wales
Kodiak Lionsworld facebookKodiak Leosfacebook myspace
Mabuhay Lions
Mt. McKinley Lions
Mountain View Lions Clubworld facebook googlemapsMt. View Ladies Auxiliary
Palmer Lions Clubworld googlemaps
Seward Resurrection Bay Lions world
Soldotna Lions
Spenard Lionsworld
Wasilla Lions
Willow Lionsworld
world Club Websitefacebook Facebookgooglemaps Club Location (Google Maps)twitter Club Twitter
blogger Club blogmyspace Club MySpaceemail Contact Club


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Lions International Foundation


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